Trip to Garden of 5 senses

  • Feb 03, 2018
  • Trip to Garden of 5 senses

    The dawn of 2nd February 2018 saw the students of Meenakshi World School all enthusiastic about their trip to the Garden of 5 senses. The Garden of Five Senses is situated on a ridge in Saidullajab Gaon near Saket Metro Station in Delhi. It is one of the main attractions for Delhites as well as domestic tourists. The park is aimed at the awakening of five senses of humans to the environment, as its name indicates. There are many fantastic sculptures of stone and terracotta created and kept in the park between the greenery and flowers. There is an amphitheatre, exhibition area and spiral paths on the natural slopes where artist may imagine and create their art amidst nature. It is a place of great peace and imagination. Moreover, there are also showpieces and photographic points which are very beautiful and one cannot resist from clicking photos there.

    Students had an amazing time and enjoyed their trip. They were served safe food packed from school. It was a memorable day well spent.