Saluting India! Celebrating unity & harmony!!!

  • Aug 15, 2017
  • Saluting India!!! Celebrating unity & harmony!!!

    Crossing boundaries for attaining perfection in all spheres of life is a common phenomenon now a days. The international students studying in Meenakshi World School are doing just that. Understanding and valuing the traditional and cultural ethos across boundaries forms the basis of an international curriculum. In an attempt to help students understand India and the intrinsic values that define Her, Independence Day was celebrated in the hostel with great enthusiasm. An activity based workshop was conducted where students got the opportunity to learn amidst a joyous atmosphere. The key resource person for the day was Ms. P. Borah, who holds a wide experience in the field of international education. Also present on the occasion were, the Vice Chairperson of the school Mr. Anil Hada and Ms. Poonam Hada. The day witnessed the making of the Indian national Flag with flowers, activities based on the theme “Unity in Diversity” and Plate Decoration. Students were decked up in colourful attire, pertaining to any of the four colours on the Indian National Flag and were very happy to celebrate India’s Independence Day.