Predicting the path of Light to prove Laws of Reflection

  • Oct 16, 2018
  • Predicting the path of Light to prove Laws of Reflection

    Students of Grade Jr-5 performed an activity based on the scientific concept 'Reflection of Light' during the Science Class on 15th October, 2018. They already know that the light is important for us. They also know that light travels in straight lines. Based on these facts they started to perform an indoor activity to prove laws of Reflection. The aim was to prove the laws of Reflection which tell us about the direction in which the ray is reflected.

    They also investigated the 'length of the shadow of a stick at different times of the day'. They performed an outdoor activity with the help a shadow stick, marker and chart paper. They joined the dots, made for the ends of the shadows to the shadow stick. Hence they recorded the length of the shadows in a table alongside the times.
    They knew the concept of sundial that the position of the shadows tells the time. Later a Worksheet based on this concept was given to the students as a support to this activity.

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