On the path of perfection

  • May 02, 2018
  • On the path of perfection…

    Meenakshi World School is proud to mark another presence in the category of TOP SCHOOLS OF INDIA. The Award Ceremony was held at Hometel, Chandigarh on April 28, 2018 by Digital Learning.

    Ms. Praveen Malhotra, Senior Coordinator, Meenakshi World School attended the 7th ELETS School Leadership Summit and received the award on behalf of the School. In her interview with the Digital Learning Team, she explained the audience about the international curriculum and the ways in which the same was aiding learners to unleash their complete potentials. The panelists in the Summit discussed about the scalability of designing a curriculum based on life skills, experiential learning, physical education and creativity to help students to choose a career in what they are good at. The event was attended by educationists from all over country alongside the CEOs of leading corporate houses. The major focus of the discussions was on expanding the dynamics of education and understanding and standardizing the requirements of the twenty-first century learner.

    This award is yet another recognition of excellence that the school is constantly striving for.