Mathematics Exhibition

  • Jul 27, 2018
  • Speak to me I will learn, teach me I will understand, guide me to do I will remember it forever

    After the week long celebration, Mathematics Exhibition was held at Meenakshi World School on 27th July 2018. Students enthusiastically participated in the Exhibition and made wonderful, amazing models on various topics. Students of Blooming Buds to Grade 2 played various math games and involved their parents and educators while Grade 3 and above presented and explained the models made by them on different topics. It was evident that the students had enthusiastically researched and very keenly took part in the Exhibition. The Vice Chairperson Mr. Anil Hada and Ma’am Ms. Poonam Hada highly admired the efforts put in by students and educators. The entire exhibition was based on the syllabus and thus learning became fun for students.

    Parents appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed the display.