• Mar 01, 2019

    “Science is not about making predictions. It’s about experimentation.”

    In the context of their science curriculum, students of Grade -5 investigated various aspects of seed germination. They sowed seeds of cereals, pulses, legumes, spices, fruits, vegetables and flowers and observed the seeds that germinated, they also recorded and collected the required data based on their observations.

    The Learners calculated the growth of the sapling by measuring the length of the plumule and the radicle. A project report & an informative PPT on seed germination were later prepared by them based on the procedure followed. Students also researched and shared information about regional seeds which can survive under futuristic climatic conditions.

    The intensive research based activity engaged the students well and gave them an opportunity to experiment, observe and create knowledge. Such activities are an intrinsic part of our curriculum because they help in the development of scientific skills of problem solving and critical thinking. Overall the activity was very fruitful for the young learners.