ISA - Activity-6

  • Apr 10, 2019
  • ISA - Activity-6

    National Flags & National Anthems

    (India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand & UK)
    Winning becomes an attitude with consistent efforts.

    Learners at MWS are striving hard to renew the ISA title for the next three years. Our students are geared up with all fervor and commenced with the Activity-6-‘National Flags & National Anthems’ (India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand & UK) right from the beginning of session.Children of various grades have been divided into five different teams and are designated with one particular country. In Phase -1 of activity, the learners collected the information as secondary data from various web links. They collected data about the origin and significance of National Anthems & Flags. After collecting this data they shall record and collate the data for future reference and make Flags of five countries chosen. They will record the National Anthems' duration too.

    Students were seen excited while participating in this informative and productive activity.