• May 26, 2018

    The greatest role of an educator is that of an enthusiastic learner. A good educator never feels shy to ask questions, seek answers and unearth treasures of knowledge. For making the process of teaching more effective, an interactive workshop was organized in Meenakshi World School. In the two hours session, all educators met for getting insights on how to enhance their teaching skills. In the first half, Mr. Rajesh Sahni discussed about the effective use of Scheme of Work released by Cambridge to find ways in which the subject matter can be delivered most effectively. He also spoke on ways to plan for a class, find interesting and engaging resources and plan for good revision strategies. In the second half of the session Dr. Jagriti Gautam spoke on differentiated learning and how the same is very important in this age where competition is the chief reason of stress amongst students. She also gave tips on how students can be made to learn concepts easily by the usage of mnemonics and key words. The session truly engaged all the brilliant minds of the school at one place to make learning and delivery of knowledge interesting and effective.

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