Inter Clan Quiz Competition

  • Oct 11, 2017
  • “Every addition to knowledge is an addition to human power”

    - By Horace Mann

    The test of knowledge comes best through asking questions and finding answers. On Wednesday, 11th October students of grades JR 3 to SR 2 engaged in healthy competition amongst each other amidst questions ranging from math, science and English grammar to current affairs and general knowledge. The Inter Clan Quiz Competition gave them an opportunity to fathom their own as well as their friends' knowledge. The competition was held in different categories and all students participated with zeal and enthusiasm. It was indeed a delightful sight to witness the knowledge of students in different areas as well as their meticulous preparation for the competition. The competition was between the different clans and all the four clans managed to bag positions in different grades. The students are now ready face tougher quizzing challenges at higher levels.