• Mar 12, 2018

    “Language is the inventory of human experience”

    On Monday, 26th February 2018, Meenakshi World School welcomed Piyada, a university student in Bangkok, Thailand, for an Intensive English Program. In a total span of three months she shall be studying the fine nuances of English Language through an exhaustive curriculum. Whist the development of writing skills shall take place through classes in English grammar, Reading Comprehension, English Composition and English vocabulary, classes on listening, reading and speaking shall also be a part of the program. All the classes shall encompass the equal amalgamation of the educator’s inputs alongside appropriate usage of technology in language lab and 3D lab. The aspects of personality development shall also be taken care of by the educators. In the leisure time, she shall explore her creative skills in the fine art classes and take care of her physical fitness in the gym, lawn tennis, yoga and a host of indoor games. By the end of the program she shall be assessed on all the skills that she shall learn and will be given a certificate of completion.

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