Hands on Creativity

  • Dec 29, 2017
  • Hands on Creativity

    Art and craft activity fascinates small children and develops their imagination and creativity. These activities enhance passive learning, encouraging the ability to create artistic things. To encourage this, Meenakshi World School organized “Tearing and Pasting Competition” for Blooming Buds on 29th December 2017. They were given printed sheets for the competition. They tore different coloured origami paper into small pieces and carefully pasted them within the outline of the artwork. The objective of the competition was to strengthen the fine motor skill especially the pincer grip. It was a tough task for the judges to select the best artworks on the basis of neatness and overall impression of the artwork. Tearing and pasting is an interesting art form and it encourages the children to use the paper and glue constructively. Tearing and pasting activity helps the children to develop and strengthen fine motor skills and hand coordination. Children actively participated and enjoyed the competition to the fullest.