Collage Making Competition

  • Aug 16, 2017
  • Imagination, Creativity and Intelligence build beautiful themes….

    Interclan “Collage Making Competition” was organized by Meenakshi World School under the able guidance of Art and Craft Educators and the respective clan elders on 16th August 2017. Students prepared collages on different themes viz. ‘Difference between past and present environmental conditions’, ‘Air Quality In Delhi’, ‘My Independent India’, ‘An ode to the Motherland’, ‘Healthy food and Junk food’ and ‘Ill effects of television’. Students of Grades Junior 3 to Senior 2 were divided into 3 groups and were asked to express their views and thoughts on the above mentioned themes by using their imagination and creativity on a chart paper. They took active participation and enjoyed the event. They also learned the art of performing in team as well as expressing themselves without actually speaking.