Cambridge Primary & Lower Secondary Examination

  • Apr 10, 2019
  • Cambridge Primary & Lower Secondary Examination Continues….

    A milestone, a decade of learning, testing and feedback…..This is our 10th batch appearing for Cambridge Primary & Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint……..


    MWS is conducting Cambridge Primary &Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint Examinations from 8th April 2019 to 12th April 2019.These examinations are conducted directly through Cambridge University to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary for the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Students’ answer sheets are marked in Cambridge University which further provides schools, an external International Benchmark for learners’ performance. The Checkpoint is an intermediary stage for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) where learners build on their understanding and skills in English, Mathematics and Science. This sets an excellent preparatory ground for students to take on higher Cambridge qualifications including the IGCSE. Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint results give detailed feedback that helps students get more clarity about their strengths and weaknesses in the main subjects they want to opt for IGCSE. Educators and schools can put this information to good use to help learners achieve better results in future.