Baisakhi Celebration

  • Apr 13, 2019
  • People in Punjab regard Baisakhi as a Harvest Festival and it is celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm in the northern states of Punjab and Haryana. Farmers are jubilant about the festival as for them Baisakhi marks the time for harvest of Rabi crops. Meenakshi World School celebrated Baisakhi festival with lot of zest and zeal by organizing a special assembly including series of events. Inika and Shreya Chaudhary of Grade Jr.6 delivered a speech individually on this occasion..They apprised everyone of the importance of the festival and why it is celebrated . They also threw light on religious and historical importance of this cultural heritage of Punjab. Jagriti Asoliya of Grade Jr.6 held a quiz session relating to the festival. Panchhi of Grade Jr.5 recited a Hindi Poem on the theme in the assembly. Gidda and Mool Mantra Jaap were the main attractions of the day. Overall, the event was full of enthusiasm and students enjoyed as well as learnt through this celebration.