• Apr 19, 2018

    “Writing is not just a physical activity done through fingers, but it involves the brain that thinks, converts the thoughts into words, gives a command to the hands for the motor action and the final output is a readable product on the paper.”

    -Write Right

    In the academic life of a learner it is imperative that alongside other aspects, he/she has good handwriting. Good handwriting is a trait of an organized personality who believes in perfection. Keeping this in mind Meenakshi World School collaborated with Write Right, an institute of handwriting technology that offers solutions to every possible problem related to handwriting and organizes world’s largest Handwriting Olympiad. All students of Meenakshi World School participated in the Handwriting Olympiad held in school premises in the session 2017-18. Deepika Bhati of grade eighth and Ketan Sankhyan of grade second won laurels for the school and secured gold medals in the event. Maitrii Prasad of grade seventh emerged as the state champion and qualified for the national level and received a trophy and certificate for her achievement. It is indeed a reason for celebrating as the students of Meenakshi World School transcend the boundaries of their school and city and achieve laurels at the national level.