Importance of Politeness in Life

Importance of Politeness in Life | Meenakshi World School
Importance of Politeness in Life

Politeness is a great virtue. A person who behaves politely towards others is not only respected but loved also. People speak well of him/her on all occasions. Politeness towards others means that we are civilised and cultured. A rude person can never be called cultured. He always gives offence to others with his bad manners. But a polite person will always please others by his polite behaviour and good manners.

Politeness means consideration for feelings of others. A polite man always puts the feelings of others first. He will not say things that will hurt them; he will never speak in a rude way that will offend them.

Politeness has been called the ‘oil of the social machine’. In a society, we can’t do without politeness. If we are not polite to others, why should others be polite to us?

Politeness cost nothing, but buys everything’. A kind word does not cost anything, yet the world is full of people who will always try to behave in a way that will offend you.

Politeness is a duty which will we owe to ourselves as well as to our neighbours. A person who is polite to others shows that he/she is cultured. A really polite person is equally polite superiors, equals and juniors. And then, one does not lose anything by being polite to others.

Is it so difficult to be polite? Well, let me try to list down a few ideas that may help us to be polite enough to make myself loved and accepted by the world.

1. Be Gentle, not forceful: While in a discussion, or a conversation, it is one thing to put across your opinion. However, it is impolite or rude to push the matter if someone has expressed discomfort.

2. Be courteous: While talking to someone, leave a positive impression about yourself if you happen to meet the person in future in a similar setting. Think about your acceptability.

3. Try not to talk about yourself always. Avoid boasting too much about your own deeds and achievements. No one wants to listen to your boastings. Remember, if they want to know, they will ask.

4. Be graceful and show elegance. Carry yourself smoothly, with a sense of calm, yet involved in the moment. People will notice this subtle charm and this will help you greatly.

5. Respond to the situation appropriately. For many social situations, there are general guidelines for polite conversation. The ability to listen to what the other person is saying, and responding thoughtfully, without sarcasm, insult, or being overly-casual, are key to smooth interactions.

6. Make the most appropriate use of your soft skills as an impression once left behind doesn’t get moulded very easily. It is very rightly and aptly said: ‘ The first impression is the last impression’.

Politeness is said to be one of the most important characters of a civilised person. It must be implemented in every walk of life. When we deal with People of higher status we are polite as it is compulsory. But, an honest polite person is polite with everyone. Not only with humans but also with animals we must be polite as they are our helpers.


Nidhika Chawla

Class Educator: Mulberry