Distinctive Qualities of an Ideal Teacher

Distinctive Qualities of an Ideal Teacher | Meenakshi World School
Distinctive Qualities of an Ideal Teacher

Teaching is a creative art, not a constructive art. An ideal teacher is seen and expected in the society nowadays. There seems to be a fundamental difference between a tutor and a teacher. All the school masters working at different schools may be good tutors but it is not essentially possible that they are much ideal teachers. Manu and Gautama Buddha are well-known in Indian history as ideal teachers. Mahatma Gandhi will ever be remembered as a great teacher of humanity. The first and the foremost quality of an ideal teacher is that there should be no gulf between his words and deeds. He teaches as well as he moulds the character of his students.

An ideal teacher is always a dream. Ideal teachers are born after gaps of centuries. But in normal course of life, an ideal teacher should have a sense of dedication or should possess a missionary outlook towards his profession. Secondly, he should be scholarly. A money- minded teacher cannot command universal respect and cannot be looked upon as an ideal teacher. In the life of a teacher, money mindedness is equal to mean-mindedness. An ideal teacher is always looked upon by everyone as the greatest of personalities responsible for building other’s character.

An ideal teacher should possess a sound moral character; so sound and strong that the students are greatly and positively influenced by their behaviour. A child is an imitative being. Students consciously or unconsciously imitate the manners, habits, and activities of their teachers. " Life speaks louder than tongue". Like Caesar’s wife, the character of an ideal teacher should be above suspicion. Therefore an ideal teacher should and must be extremely cautious while portraying him/herself at work and otherwise. Especially in front of the students as they are inadvertently going to influence the personality and behaviour of the students directly or indirectly exposed to them.

At a school, an ideal teacher is the fountain head of inspiration for his college as well as his pupils. He takes a keen interest in all the curricular and co-curricular activities and does not flatter the principal at the cost of his self-respect. He is punctual, obedient, regular, disciplined, well-built and well-mannered always. An ideal teacher is always properly dressed. Neither he should be shabbily dressed nor should he be gaudily dressed like a film actor. Dressing and attire in all senses reflects the personality of an individual.

In my own life, I have come across many good teachers. But Dr B Prasad, Head of the Department of English at one of the renowned colleges of Northern India, has impressed me most. It is impossible to enumerate his numberless qualities of head and heart in the present context. He is a great scholar. He has a heart of gold. He is sincere, affectionate, kind and upright. He does not only impress his students but also captivates their hearts. He will stand out in my memory as an ideal teacher throughout my life.

Neena Srivastava

Class Educator: JR 1 B