How to Nurture responsibility in Students?

How to Nurture responsibility in Students? | Meenakshi World School
How to Nurture responsibility in Students?

Youth, the power of any Nation, for that matter INDIA our own country, with maximum no. of young population. Is the youth of my country actually going to be the power in future to generate resources & lead the country? I am in dilemma not because I doubt the potential of our youth but because of the mind set they are inculcating.

They love freedom and aspire to be free in all senses but to my agony this all is at the cost of forgetting the duties & responsibilities that come along.

Who will take the torch in hand to inculcate the value of being responsible in the youth? Family, educators or peers?

Everyone’s contribution matters, beginning from the family to the society, every single being efforts count. A child learns his or her basics from the family environment and if the nurturing in the beginning years is not done appropriate then these becomes habits And we know that the habits die hard.

As for example if a particular type of slang language or abusive language is used around a child of one year ,child learns it automatically as at this stage his brain is working super efficiently.

The child without even knowing the meaning just makes it as a habit in his /her usage of language. The results are all around us. The kind of language being used around by today’s youth, This is just one example, if we ponder upon being a parent we may realize that the damage is done more or less by us too.

Educators the guide for the next stages has the responsibility to correct and motivate further for good things, But give me a second, we educators are also human beings and first of all we need to correct our behavior & language to set an example in front of the students. Are we ready to accept our faults and stop finding faults in others? If we do so then only we can make a difference. The educators are actually born to make that difference make difference by telling the difference of right and wrong, make difference by letting them think differently, make difference by improving their potential, make difference by grooming them to face the future, make difference by letting them think, rethink, observe, analyze & infer & imply. So let’s pledge to bring this difference by being different as teaching is the profession which makes other professions to come into existence.

Peers the friends, the mates, the confidant, the play mate, the play fellow, the ones on whom today’s generation relies for everything and believes. The youth should also be responsible for what they do; they should take pride in doing the right things and should stand against their own friends if they do anything wrong or what is not acceptable.

We should become responsible for our acts first of all instead of blaming or scapegoat.

We should trust and build that determination in the youth that they do not break it at any cost.

We should held them responsible them from beginning years instead of saying “Abhi to ye baccha hai” We need to implant the seed in very young stage so when it grows all may see the beautiful fruit as responsibility in our Youth.

Be role model and see the future changing.

By Dr. Jagriti Gautam