Impact of Augmented and Virtual Realities

Impact of Augmented and Virtual Realities | Meenakshi World School
Impact of Augmented and Virtual Realities

It is my belief that virtual reality is one essential aspect that will truly develop the standards of scientific research as well as vastly progress the current standards of living and that is the main reason why I chose this topic.  It is well known that the advancement of technology and science has drastically changed our daily lives and especially the lives of young people.

In India, most households have embraced computers and computer platforms as a huge source of entertainment. This has been characterized by Asia’s technological boom and India to be specific. The country has the largest technological hub in Asia and is placed third in world rankings behind the United Kingdom and the United States.

The digital divide between the younger generation and the older generation which is regarded as the pioneer generation is pretty wide since the older generation feel that the current gadgets are “hard to use”. But with the emergence of new technology, the gap is slowly closing and the older generation are starting to embrace the new devices day in and day out.

However, this advancement in technology has also led to an increase in the emergence of malicious programs that source for unsolicited information such as bank accounts, passwords, telephone numbers, and personal data.

The new advancements in virtual reality technology have been introduced to help users comprehend and use information appropriately. Virtual reality technology has been used for tasks like construction, bioinformatics, modelling buildings etc. This technology works by displaying an augmented reality to the user wearing the virtual reality technology gear.

Virtual reality differs to augmented reality in that, in augmented reality technology the output is displayed to the user in real time while in virtual reality, the output is displayed in a virtual environment that is simulated to match the actual reality so that the user can immerse himself into that virtual environment.

The immersive experiences that are created using both artificial and augmented reality technology are very useful and allow users to seamlessly integrate with the real world since the environment created is very similar to the real world and thus it is important to investigate the impact that virtual reality may have on Indian youths.