Why to Choose an International School for Your Child?

Why to Choose an International School for Your Child? | Meenakshi World School
Why to Choose an International School for Your Child?

A very high emphasis upon the education system is always laid upon in the culture we live in. The future of the child from the moment she/he is born is decided by the other family members. The choice for future career would be limited to either a doctor or an engineer. Hence our education n system has always evolved around this necessity.

All over the world today the career choices are getting altered dramatically. Until today, it was unthinkable for us to suggest or opt for careers like – event management, wildlife conservation, photography or wedding planning! There is a significant radical shift in the world of education today.

Today, thoughts and perceptions are changing to a great extent. As far as schools, education, and homeworks are concerned, there are parents who demand more home tasks and assignments and examination focus from a school curriculum. Also, there is another set of parents who would want their children to explore, question and delve deeper into the concepts. They expect more for their children.

Not just that, the children (students) themselves have become very aware and want to learn in a different manner. They love to explore and discover a whole new world of creativity. An international school provides high-quality education that promises to stand in good stead even if students relocate to different countries.

Exposure to a variety of different cultures and backgrounds can be extremely enriching for a child, and international schools offer this experience. 

There are well-proved reasons why Meenakshi World School is considered as one of the best international schools much sought after.

  • Our Educational standards conform to the required external quality standards for the international programs and the teaching resources, qualification of teachers etc are standardized at par across countries. Heavy emphasis is laid upon learning rather than simply teaching.
  • Meenakshi World School was felicitated by “Education Today”, India’s top educational portal, as “India’s Best School - Jury’s Choice Award”.
  • Our curriculum is embedded with global educational program amidst the rendition of traditional and cultural ethos of India. In recognition of our endeavours towards providing positive educational experience to learners, Silicon India, India’s top educational magazine, has listed Meenakshi World School in the 20 Most Promising International Schools of India.
  • Our school is focused on research and inquiry as opposed to recall and speed. Independent research and learning are also emphasized strongly. This may not always be the approach with others where uniqueness is not nurtured and exam results are given primary importance.

Finally, it’s a fact that learning in an international school opens doors for its students as their international education puts fewer limits and restrictions on them. It will benefit the students who wish to travel abroad to participate in Higher Education. There are chances that they will leave the country competent in more than one language and with enough knowledge and understanding of world culture to smoothly transition. Being able to speak more than one language is very important for anyone with ambition.