Top 5 Educational TV Shows for Kids on Indian Television

Top 5 Educational TV Shows for Kids on Indian Television | Meenakshi World School
Top 5 Educational TV Shows for Kids on Indian Television

Parents are often concerned about what type of content their child is exposed to when it comes to television and with this thought they usually come to think of using a parent lock. Well, technology is not always a curse, it can be beneficial too when it comes to watching the right thing on the television. There are variety of shows that can provide you amazing knowledge, so if you feel your child is a little bored with reading that encyclopedia book you can check out these shows to learn in a fun way. This article would summarize the top 5 educational shows that your child must watch on television.

1) How do they do it

The show is one of the most informative shows in my opinion. It is based on how the most simple things that we use in our daily lives is actually made. How much effort and engineering goes into making the simplest to the toughest things. The show runs by the slogan “Behind the ordinary is the extraordinary”.

2) Art Attack

So if your child has an artistic bend of mind and likes to play with colours then art attack should definitely be added to your watch list. The show works with the teaching approach related to art and craft. Children are taught easy and simple ways for learning new things and ofcourse in an very interactive manner. The host of the show actively engages the viewers by various playways.

3) Cosmos

The show talks about the hidden secrets of our vast universe. The visuals and graphics of the show are so intense that you can experience the universe right at your home. The show broadly covers everything from planets to constellations, their movement, their composition, the synchronized working of our wonderful universe which is intriguing in its own way.

4) Planet Earth

Another amazing show, planet earth talks about the history and evolution of our blue planet. How oceans and land has transformed on earth through the evolution of billion years. How life on earth became possible. The show also talks about how various life forms both flora and fauna are in many ways connected with each other for survivals and how this subtle relationship of life is balanced.

5) History of the world

If you are interested in history then 'history of the world' is the best show that you can watch. The show gives detailed representation of different human civilisation, how they became prominent and how did they fall. The show also talks about the famous world wars, how they started and their consequences. The show is immensely informative about famous personalities of the past who ruled the world and what impact they left. The show also uses the real images and videos taken in different times in history which makes it even more captivating.

These are the top five shows that you and your child can watch. Source of knowledge is not only confined to books, these shows can definitely amaze you and provide you with vast knowledge in an easy, fun and exciting way. So if you are looking for better content for your child on television you can tune in to these shows right away.