INNOVATIVE EDUCATION | Meenakshi World School

Being innovative is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice. Bringing up new ideas and making the system more effective is the demand of this era. Our current world is changing more rapidly than the capacity of any existing education system. The challenge of learning is getting even harder for the next generations. We do not have a prediction of how tomorrow will look like, but we know that flexible system is able to face the changes comparing with the rigid system. We know that the ability to adapt has really helped our ancestors to survive on this planet for about six million years. Education is basically drawing out the best in an individual and innovative education refers to the way through which we can use the best techniques and skills to develop the personality of an individual.

This gives birth to the question; what is the most important skill to teach our kids in schools? The answer is- how to build creative and innovative minds that can adapt and face future unpredictable challenges. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs provide us successful examples of how adopting innovation in education can help in building creativity and better abilities in order to solve problems. The ideas and status of thinking gives birth to innovation. In this century innovation has a great demand, more we use creativity in education system the complexities of the education system will come to an end. While education systems are varying in their capability to implement creative teaching methods and curricula, a teacher can easily adapt their teaching methods towards more creative thinking.

Innovation and creativity are part of the essential skills that enable students to meet with future challenges and market competitions. The techniques used in the market and the skills implemented are so innovative that it becomes so challenging to understand and adopt such innovations. This can be done at the stage of learning only i.e. at the time of education. The old concepts were not that much effective as the traditional teaching methods were adopted. But the current education system is full of creativity and technology based. The students also take keen interest and try to built up new techniques as per the level of their imagination. The youth of this century has a great power of imagination and they have great potentials to deal with the challenges and to meet the demands of technology. All this is possible only if they have strong educational backgrounds. Students need to be independent and should have high level of thinking. If the creativity in education is adopted at initial stage only then as they will grow up their thinking level and imagination power will also boost up. In this demanding century, innovative education has become a mandatory part of the education system.

In the words of great scientist - ALBERT EINSTEIN


An article by Chetna Vinayak