Life in a Boarding School: A Tale of Success and Happiness

Life in a Boarding School: A Tale of Success and Happiness | Meenakshi World School
Life in a Boarding School: A Tale of Success and Happiness

Life in a Boarding School: A Tale of Success and Happiness


“Hostel is an oratorio of the memory, singing to our life melodies and harmonies of old remembered joys”

It is indeed true that the best moments of life are those where there are friends, there is laughter, there are pranks and above all unconditional love and promises to remain friends forever. Where might one think of getting all this together? It is undoubtedly, the hostel. The hostel is a place where students achieve all their goals of educational aspirations away from parents, away from their families. While at the hindsight it might seem difficult and at times unfair on the part of parents to send their wards to boarding schools but on the long run it turns out to be extremely beneficial for students, the benefits of which are long lasting. A student who has once spent a few years in a hostel turns out to be much more responsible than the one who has not stayed in one. They not only learn to take care of themselves but also become good decision makers and responsible human beings.

It is a general view that students, especially those studying in schools, are too young to understand the complexities of life and therefore should stay with parents and family who may show them right directions and teach them the differences between the right and wrong. However, according to medical counsellors, it is very important to expose children to the problems of life from a young age itself so that they learn to sort out their lives on their own and are not dependent on anyone for doing the same. In a hostel or boarding school, students are expected to do their tasks on their own and also take decisions like which sport to choose or which extracurricular activity to participate in. There are, of course, teachers and warden to supervise the students but at the end of the day, it is expected that they will know their own minds the best and choose accordingly.

A general myth prevails that boarding schools are only meant for children who have been troublesome in their homes. In the context of modern day education this statement does not hold true. Boarding schools house all types of students from all spheres of the society. Students studying in boarding schools excel in studies too as they get a congenial atmosphere to study. The reading rooms in boarding schools are furnished very scientifically so that students are able to concentrate and devote all their attention towards the task in hand. Moreover, there is continuous supervision of teachers in boarding schools letting students clear doubts and grasp concepts immediately and not wait for school the next day. There is an all around discipline that prevails in every corner and every aspect of a boarding. There are fixed times for waking up, going to sleep, meals and also playing and leisure. Every single minute, is thus, effectively utilized for a successful tomorrow. Therefore, the trouble makers are effectively turned into creative thinkers at boarding schools.

In the times of deep turmoil in the country due to intolerance and hatred, hostels are the places where one shall find the aromas of free thinking, unity, love and brotherhood. Students across cultural and social boundaries reside together and share their lives thus creating a generation which is free from dogmas. They learn to have regard and respect for each other whilst promising to be together at all times. The friendships created in hostels are lifelong and are ones which are cherished forever.

Unlike the old notions of problems like ragging and bullying at schools, the present times are seeing hostels with strict rules and regulations to keep the inmates in complete control of their actions and behaviour. Moreover, the social stigma of sending children away for studies is also gradually disappearing because of the desire of parents to give their wards the best education at the best place known to them. It also becomes imperative for working parents to send their wards to boarding schools as they themselves do not find enough time to spend with their children because of their professional commitments.

Boarding schools are, undoubtedly, the need of the day and are proving to be best destinations for all round learning and education.   


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