Advertisements play a vital role in our life . They help us to know the availability of products in the markets , it also makes us aware of the latest innovations made .They are major sales contributors to the entrepreneurs . Media supports the publicity of the products and let the prudent customer know about the three P’s ( Price , Packaging and Promotion ) of the product advertised . Media can be print or broadcasted . The print media contains the newspapers , journals and magazines whereas the broadcast can be made on Radio , Television or Internet .

In this technology savvy world people tend to view the advertisements on Television or Internet more than the Radio or newspapers . The number of channels have also increased so that the viewer has immense variety to watch . Unlike early 90’s internet is not only used on computers with the help of broadband but now it is accessed through the smart phone . Almost everyone has a mobile these days and internet is a common feature of it . So we can say that a lot of viewership prevails in this era of advertisements . But the question arises that whether what is shown through media are facts or fallacies? Can it be trusted or challenged ? Is the television channel being bought by the companies ? Is there any regulatory authority to have a check on them ?

Television Rating Points ( TRP ) is the prime propeller of the broadcast channels . They tell whether people are liking any serial or no . They speak about the present demand of the channel in true sense . TRP is very important method as it decides what time , what channel and to which pocket of viewers the advertisement is to be broadcasted . The channels decides the revenue to be charged according to TRP .

Sometimes the movies directors pay a handsome amount to the channels and newspapers to buy high TRP or rating stars . Sometimes they provide a biased feedback of the movies to trap the innocent customers . But this doesn’t work for a long time .TRP method needs to be reliable. The practice should be transparent in such a manner that all channels get a fair chance . Moreover , reflecting the rural India, yardsticks cannot be fixed. Confusion is that by getting the cooperation of a few active households belonging to certain sections these ratings be generalized to a large section of passive viewers? Some people feel that its not feasible for TV channels to get out of the trap of false TRPs. The agencies that rate the channels should be unbiased from the interests of the advertisers . Implications and challenges that can be posed by the new technologies like CAS, DTH and IPTV on TRPs is also prevalent .

TRAI must peep into the system of TV viewership rating with which it must take care that the viewing households should know more about these ratings so that they can participate actively.