Should Ethics and Moral be a Compulsory Part of Higher Education?

Should Ethics and Moral be a Compulsory Part of Higher Education? | Meenakshi World School
Should Ethics and Moral be a Compulsory Part of Higher Education?

There is more to higher secondary education than Maths & English.

Ethics or moral behaviour should be an integral part of high school education, as this is the stage when the students start learning to challenge the rules or defy the law. I believe no education is complete without the moral education being imparted.

As far as I remember in my school days there used to be a period of moral science, where children use to learn school rules & society norms & some religious education. At present we tend to impart these values in an informal manner but unless these things are reminded on daily basis they cannot be a part of our daily life. So it should be mandatory for schools to teach moral science to every higher secondary child.

Moreover it is often observed that the students of these age groups fail to adhere to the society rules because they are in a habit to reason out everything, although it is good to reason but at the same time it is important to understand that moral values & ethics need to be practiced without reasoning at all times.

Some schools misunderstand moral education with religious education. These are two different things. One must be free to practice his own religion but education’s prime duty is to make a law-abiding citizen possessing the very basics manners & decent behaviour.

Nobody would disagree with me that an illiterate person with good manners will be regarded more than a knowledgeable person with no manners.

Stories of moral heroes should be taught in schools to stop children from being selfish & self-centered. Their moral responsibility towards the environment & society is very important to remind them as we often see students behave in an undesirable fashion.

Community service is one way by which we can teach our children the need to be sensitive towards the needs of other less fortunate people in society, in this way they learn the basics ethics & manners required in their life.

Value-based learning is a must nowadays as we see the young generation being more self-centred & challenges the norms at every step. They think that whatever they do is right.They don’t want to be corrected all the time As per my understanding they are not ready to listen. Everyone wants to be listened to but nobody pays heed to the thoughts of others.

The change is possible but should be initiated from the early years of learning. This will be easy to implement through schools. Ethical learning & moral values learning should be a mandatory part of education to bring the change.

At Meenakshi World School Gurgaonwe think Ethics & moral education should be compulsory at higher secondary level by all schools.