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GuruKul and Guru - Kool

Education in India started many years before 5000 BC. Education in Ancient India originated with the Gurukul system.This type of ancient school in India was residential in nature with the Shishyas (students) and the Guru (teacher) living in proximity within the same house. The Mahabharata tells of numerous hermitages where pupils from distant parts gathered to obtain instructions from learned teachers.

Thus the main aim of the Vedic educational system was to produce a rational individual, free from passions, full of universal affection, continuously selfeducating and striving to reach the highest goal. The student’s prayer included his longing for the realization of a full life. Education was fully capable of development of physical and intellectual being apart from character development.

Development of civic, social, moral, and spiritual values, social efficiency and happiness, preservation and spread of culture, infusion of piety, and religiousness and development of best type of personality. Relationship between Guru and pupils were very cordial during Vedic and Post- Vedic period.

Modern education also sees such system existing where residential schools have both teachers and students living together. Modern education also envisage to develop overall personality of students.

But, the Kool Guru is the one who embraces the changing times and mindset in order to develop a deeper understanding of the values, need and experiences of the new generation to be able to connect on the same levels so that a deep bonding and relationship of trust can be made.

Taking it forward the experiences of the new generation .We find that their experiences are entirely different from us. They are great risk-takers who leave no stone unturned when it comes to chasing their passion and following their dreams. An evolved version of race that is completely ‘ Bindaas ‘, yet well- balanced. They are capable of dancing to any new song, singing along and reading a book in hand.

The exuberance is pervading in all their gestures and actions. True epitome of inherent freedom that they showcase in the questions they raise why this and why not that the quintessential of the member of evolved race.

It is the responsibility of the modern guru, a guru who is kool to justify the essence of modern school system like that of gurukuls. Living in close proximity with the students at mental level to understand them more for their emotional and psychological needs.

It is indeed the need of the hour for a guru who is kool to celebrate and appreciate the innate virtues and inherent freedom in the students so that they can develop themselves into inquirers. To support their inquiry not only about languages and other subjects that they learn in the school but the knowledge which can help them to emerge as a well- defined, well-refined member of intellectual community of mankind capable of changing the society for the benefit of all.

A guru who is kool has to extend his support in enabling the students to understand the life thesis of mankind and humanity at large. How the World Works and what responsible role do they have to play so that they can develop their life skills. Skills to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Skills to filter the essence of very knowledge to be used appropriately for a particular situation.

A guru who is kool has to provide them a platform where they can ignite their thinking process to the height of achieving ‘the best for themselves’ within the periphery of moral values and virtues.

Mukta Rawat