International or National Curriculum, Which is Better?

International or National Curriculum, Which is Better? | Meenakshi World School
International or National Curriculum, Which is Better?

Today parents have a plethora of educational boards from which to choose, to enroll their children. In India itself there are 56 different boards.

Few years back, we use to study only the state board then came the need of national boards & today we are globally connected so there is the need of international board. None would disagree with the fact that how we were educated was different than how our children should be educated. If things have changed at a rapid pace then why not education?

Today, the world has become small and anything happening in any part of the world will definitely affect you sooner or later. So, why do you want your children to confine themselves in regional or national issues? Don’t you think they deserve to know much more than what we provide them in a platter? Let them choose their own writers; let them have a global perspective.

International curriculum enables a child to choose subjects from a wide range & not limit himself to a particular stream. He has more carrier avenues as compared to a child from national board.

Now if we look at the assessment criteria in the international board it assesses the child from all angles, oral skills, investigative skill, knowledge skill & also reasoning & logical skill which is missing in the national boards.

Moreover, education should not be confined to a particular country or a continent, it needs to be global. International curriculum are designed to cater to the needs of all national keeping in mind the regional issues so that they can be tailor made according to the country in which children take them. On top of that if you simply weight the two words national or international the latter has more weight than the former.

Every child does not get an opportunity to learn the international curriculum & cannot afford to do so but if it is available at your doorstep & within your reach than I find no reason not to do that.

In India, there are around 130 schools running the international boards located in various cities. A noteworthy feature of this board is, its standardized curriculum & this course has got validity & certification globally.

Millions of us wish to have a foreign degree in higher education, then why not at school level where it is utmost important.

I also attribute that 90 percent of the problem of intolerance towards others religion in the world is due to lack of international education. People have become insensitive & fail to understand other cultures & traditions simply because they are not open minded & lack international dimensions, which they would get if they study only & only international curriculum.

( Physics Educator)

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