Growing Psychological Problems in India

Growing Psychological Problems in India | Meenakshi World School
Growing Psychological Problems in India

Do we want humans to remain human or we want them to become robots, is the question we all need to ponder over. India is one of the fastest growing economies, and an intellectual resource, which is the resultant factor in giving rise to this boom. We are no doubt aware of these resources but we are exploiting it to beyond its capacity. Working for more than eight hours, night shifts, doing multiple jobs, studying the whole night, stress and pressure has given rise to lots of problems and psychological issues.

Students are nowadays practising very unhealthy routine, staying awake throughout the night, sleeping late and getting up late have resulted in number of issues. These issues are often considered very trivial and not addressed by people and parents or corrected on time have given rise to several other problems. This kind of unhealthy routine often affects in a very bad way, not enough sleep disrupts ones cognitive abilities. Students are not able to pay attention in class and often-found taking nap in the school. It also hampers their growth; teens need to take required amount of sleep for good growth and hormonal development. They do not follow good eating habits, which play havoc in their development. Hormonal imbalance and increased numbers of cases in of thyroid in our country are a matter of concern for all us. People pop up medicines at every small little problem because they have work in their hands and they often ignore their body issues.

Body always gives signs and signals, we all must act and understand these signals. There are number problems like anxiety, depression, suicides and addiction are some of the visible signs. Depression is one of the most common of all the mental illnesses growing amongst the Youth. And if not cured at initial stage can become acute problem. Anxiety and other issues like these are further decreasing their efficiency and takes often-longer time to carry out any task properly. People have become more and more materialistic and busy hording money and property and forgotten about peace and happiness. Moral and ethical values have been murdered.

Mental issues are often considered as social stigma. It is like any other diseases, which has cure if treated on time. According to the latest statics of WHO around 7.5% of Indians suffer from some kind of mental disorders. Depression being the most common of all, and is spreading across the country. The most common reason being a stressful life which most people are leading. Percentage of such people is increasing day by day. A large number of these are young people and school going students. Stress of studies, peer pressure and other environment is playing a havoc on Gen Z. Children get addicted to alcohol and other narcotic drugs when they are not able to handle stressful situation in life.

The only solution to address all these problems is to understand sign and symptoms at an early age. Parents need to be more vigil and find a solution before it becomes a big problem. Not to expect beyond their expectations. Make them aim for higher goals like reaching up to the moon and if they are not able to achieve at least they would be amongst the stars. Always encourage even if they fail, give them hope since failures are also a part of everyone’s life, Will to get up and fight again and overcome failures is the real achiever in life.

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