“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky…”

There was a time when the stars far away from the sky would make minds busy weaving stories of the far away. The moon, the stars were the far away destinations which could only be reached in dreams. As the inquisitive human mind tried to solve the mysteries of Nature, space exploration too didn’t remain a faraway dream but it has come to the thresholds of all and sundry and helped all to dream and aspire beyond the ordinary, beyond the limits and beyond the horizons.

The twenty-first century has witnessed unprecedented technological growth. We have not only advanced in the social and cultural arenas but we have also developed new resources of realization through science and technology. Space research is not just discovering new knowledge about space but much of it is also devoted to exploring new knowledge about our everyday lives. It is therefore not an exaggeration when we say that space research and exploration actually opens up limitless opportunities.

As we see around, the earth is getting ripped by the selfish interests of extremists and sometimes all hopes look blurred to attain peace and brotherhood. However, the curiosity surrounding the cosmos can bring together nations on a common agenda and they can strive together to delve into the seemingly unfathomable secrets of the space. The long collaboration between India and Russia, China and the USA are the few examples of this unity. In 2016 BRICs summit too, the participating countries emphasized on active cooperation for developing space technology and utilizing the same for the betterment of the world.

The studies of the planets and stars may one day lead to the prediction of natural disasters. Scientists believe that exploring space and patterns in space can help give us an idea of the next major flood, tsunami, tornado and even earthquake. Exploring space has helped the medical field a great deal. As a result of space exploration, we have made advancements in the medical field, including devices that can detect cancer before it spreads too far and laser eye surgery technologies, among many other advancements. In addition, space exploration has resulted in the creation of safety devices, including smoke detectors and flame-resistant clothing and fabrics.

In a developing country like India space exploration has opened new avenues of development. India can now assert its power at the global platform, thereby becoming a global leader. The successful launch of Mangalyan or The Mars Orbiter Mission in 2013 has brought India in the league of Soviet Space Mission, NASA and the European Space Agency. It is thus not an exaggeration to say that India has mastered modern space technology and its various applications for the benefit of society. New space technology is assisting telecommunications, television broadcasts, weather watch and for providing information relating to agriculture, forests, water resources and minerals to mention a few.  We can therefore expect revolutionary developments in every aspect of life as Space Exploration in India scales new heights. It will also impact the GDP in the long run with its promise of all round development.

The mystery of space shall one day lead to the greatest of advancements and perhaps healthier and happier ways of life. In the bleeding world of the present century, space exploration is the healing touch that shall one day turn out to be the saviour of mankind. In the words of Neil Armstrong, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand”. Let us all thus cheer for the wonders of the cosmos that one day shall be the answers to the millions of questions that humanity has.