Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Junior School (Grades 1 to 6)

Cambridge Primary Programme (5 to 11 years)

The Primary Curriculum is divided into six stages and each stage reflects the teaching targets for a year group in the primary phase set by Cambridge University. A comprehensive, integrated, interactive, bilingual syllabus is offered for students’ enrichment with projects and experimental work ensuring active hands on learning. The medium of instruction is English and complete individual attention is ensured by the educator. The curriculum is enriched by specially designed, skill based worksheets and academic activities. Specialised professionals, taking account of individual needs, also teach drama, art, physical education, computer studies, swimming, skating, indoor games, dance, music and yoga etc.

The focus at this stage in learning is on linguistic, observational, and analytical and enquiry based skills. The mode of re-enforcement of these skills is through students’ involvement in research, experiments, debates and projects that requires them to link all aspects of the curriculum together thus emphasizing the relevance of academic knowledge to their every – day – lives.

Middle –School (Sr.1 and Sr.2)


Cambridge Lower Secondary (11 to 14 years)

The middle years are the phase of transition when the student passes through a critical period of mental, physical and emotional change from childhood to adolescence. At MWS, we understand the needs of the child at this stage and design our curriculum to meet the crucial needs of the child. We design classroom presentations to meet the student’s abilities. The faculty works with each student individually. Educators plan, evaluate and assign lessons; prepare, administer and grade tests.

Cambridge Lower Secondary, offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment. It builds on the foundations of Cambridge primary but it is not essential to have completed Cambridge Primary before beginning Cambridge Lower Secondary.Typically for 11 to 14 years old students, Cambridge Lower Secondary develops learners’ skills and understanding in Mathematics, English and Science for the first three years of Secondary education and provides excellent preparation for Cambridge Upper Secondary and qualifications including Cambridge IGCSE.

Senior-School (Sr.3 and Sr.4)


Cambridge Upper Secondary (14 to 16 years)

Cambridge Upper Secondary(Cambridge IGCSE) is different, new modern, motivating and it is a real investment for our future in a global world. It is structured on the fundamentals and foundations of Cambridge Lower Secondary and supports schools using learner –centered and enquiry-based approaches to learning, Cambridge Upper Secondary  offers two options For Cambridge learners.

Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O level-both are globally recognized qualifications. Cambridge Upper Secondary provides excellent progression to the next stage of Cambridge International Education-Cambridge Advanced for 16-19 years- as well as other progression routes. Learners choose their subjects of interest and focus on them for future building.

At Meenakshi World School, for IGCSE students, the laboratories, Library and other activity centers are designed in a way that the students get proper understanding of concepts as per the manifold requirements of the global world. A wide range of teaching and learning resources are available for Cambridge Upper Secondary and trained educators are provided with different workshops and seminars to implement the curriculum.

Upper –Senior School (Sr.5 and Sr.6)


Cambridge Advanced (16 to 19 years)

Cambridge Advanced includes Cambridge International AS and A level and Cambridge Pre-U qualifications; both focus on equipping learners with skills they need to succeed at university, and as such, are recognized by universities and employers worldwide. The Curriculum has an international flavour and offers an approach to learning that encourages independent research and critical thinking. The curriculum helps learners to develop deep understanding and independent learning and critical thinking skills which universities value highly. It builds on the foundation of Cambridge Upper Secondary and leads to entries to universities worldwide.

At Meenakshi World School, as part of the Cambridge Advanced Stage, the Cambridge International AS and A level curriculum offers a good range of subjects choice and school facilitates modern and advanced infrastructure to implement the same.