Guidelines for Parents while choosing a Boarding School for their Children.

Guidelines for Parents while choosing a Boarding School for their Children.

In a fast moving world, where both the parents are working have touring jobs and they do not have time to devote to their children’s education and still want to bring them up in a best manner. They want their children to be groomed well to face the world. A school where a teacher is their second mother and "A home away from Home" if they decide to put them in a boarding school.

Here are some guidelines for Parents while choosing a boarding school:

1) Children are very vulnerable strata of the society. Therefore a secure place is must for them.

2) Parents must visit the boarding school before making a final decision.

3) A feedback from the students and their parents is must who reside there.

4) The guidelines regarding the boarding school must be read.

5) A suitable location which is secure in terms of safety and conducive for your child’s growth is must to take into consideration.

6) Look into the facilities provided by the boarding school. Does it meet your child’s requirement in terms of his nourishment and hygiene?

7) Look into the holiday chart so that parents can plan out a holiday for them as and when possible.

8) Looking into the discipline aspect is very important. Check the schedule of the students being followed every day.

9) Look into the facilities and activities provided after the school hours in terms of homework and tutors following things at the boarding.

10) Parents should also look into the Menu being followed.

11) Outings and excursions are important part of the school which is being followed and parents must look into the number of outings in a year.

12) Visiting hours for parents at school, and the medical facilities being provided in case of sickness and emergency.